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The Primaris Impulsor is a lightly armoured, fast-moving assault transport favoured by Vanguard Space Marines. Benefiting from the same advanced gravitic-impulsion technology employed by the larger Repulsor-class chassis, the Impulsor boasts vectored thrusters offering it far greater manoeuvrability. Its open-backed design allows it to transport a squad of Space Marines swiftly into battle.

The Impulsor is equipped with a pair of storm bolters as standard, but these can be swapped out for two fragstorm grenade launchers. The vehicle can also be upgraded with additional weapons in the form of:

  • Aan ironhail heavy stubber
  • A choice of bellicatus missile array
  • Ironhail skytalon array

Alternatively, the Impulsor can be outfitted with an orbital comms array with which to summon a devastating barrage from space, or a shield dome to offer it additional protection with a powerful force field.

Supplied with a Citadel 100mm round base and clear hover stand upon which to mount it, as well as an Ultramarines Vehicle Transfer Sheet.

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