Orks: Battleforce – Killdakka Warband


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Drown your enemies beneath a green tide with a Killdakka Warband. With more Boyz and big guns than you can shake a choppa at, you’ll be able to slaughter anything that stands in your way. Meanwhile, a Dakkajet and Deffkilla Wartrike will cater to your need for speed – and give you even more big guns to play with!

This set includes the following multipart plastic kits:

  • 1x Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
  • 1x Deffkilla Wartrike
  • 1x Dakkajet (can instead be assembled as a Wazbom Blastajet, Blitza-Bommer, or Burna-Bommer)
  • 5x Nobz and 1x Grot
  • 10x Gretchin and 1x Runtherd
  • 20x Boyz

The set also includes 1x Ork Transfer Sheet with 439 transfers. Each miniature comes supplied with an appropriate base. They are supplied unpainted and require assembly

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