Only War: Stories from the 41st Millennium (SB)


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Only War: Stories from the 41st Millennium (SB)

– The Taste of Fire
by Steven B Fischer
– Refuge by Steve Lyons
– Redemption Through Sacrifice by Justin Woolley
– The Price of Duty by Matt Smith
– Anarchy’s End by Rob J Hayes
– The Jagged Edge by Maria Haskins
– The Place of Pain and Healing by Justin D Hill
– The Labyrinth of Lost Souls by Graham McNeill
– Faith in Iron by Cameron Johnston
– A Coin for the Carrion Thieves by John French
– Da Big Mouf by Danie Ware
– Warsphere by Darius Hinks
– Path of Grief by Adrian Southin
– Voice of Experience by J C Stearns
– Road Rage by Mike Brooks
– Mad Dok by Nate Crowley
– His Will by Guy Haley
– Celestine: Revelation by Andy Clark
– The Moon-Mines of Sciara Lone by Danie Ware
– Martyr’s End by Alec Worley
– Ghosts of Iron by Marc Collins
– Last Flight by Edoardo Albert
– Night Shriekers by Justin Woolley
– The Shapers of Scars by Marc Collins

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