Necromunda: Gang War

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Necromunda: Gang War is a full colour 64-page softback book, inside you will find:

Gang Wars in the Sector Mechanicus

This section is a set of advanced rules, covering the use of Sector Mechanicus scenery or any 3-dimensional scenery kit, with special rules for Zone Mortalis boards in building your own bespoke battlegrounds. These rules do not cover specific terrain but rather define different types of terrain, meaning no adaptation should be needed. Included are new rules for line of sight, crossing obstacles, falling hazards, railings, slowed movement, climbing, overhangs, jumping downwards, traversing gaps and falling.


This section contains rules and guidelines for running a Necromunda campaign which let you build your gang from newcomers to conquering destroyers, fending off threats from rivals and claiming territory in Turf Wars.

This includes:

  • The basic structure of a campaign, showing you how to found a gang using the included blank roster sheet, how to accrue and use experience to add skills and abilities to your fighters, how injuries and capturing enemies work during games, and fleeing the battlefield
  • Pre-battle sequence: limbering up before a Turf War is incredibly important, and this section will walk you through buying advancements and hired guns for your gang, determining the scenario to be played, crew selection and deployment
  • Post-battle sequence: how to determine victory and wrap up your game, divvy up the income gained from your exploits, receive rewards, increase (or decrease) your gang’s Turf, gain and lose reputation, visit trading posts to sell your spoils and seek out new and rare equipment, and retrieve injured fighters from the battlefield before updating your gang’s roster
  • Apotheosis: this is a set of extra rules that come into play at the climax of a campaign, representing the escalating clashes across the zones
  • Downtime: your gangs don’t rest when you do – this is a set of rules that come into play while your campaign is on hold, allowing your fighters time to prepare, recover and gird their loins for the next Turf War
  • A campaign reference, featuring easy to follow tables with which to quickly enforce many campaign rules, including lists of gear that can be found at the trading posts, a complete Armoury and quick-reference tables for the myriad skills and abilities available
  • House lists for Escher and Goliath gangs, containing all the information needed to assemble a complete gang of either House. This replaces the ‘Founding a Gang’ section from the Necromunda: Underhive rulebook entirely
  • 6 scenarios, which can be used for campaign or skirmish battles, which work with Sector Mechanicus scenery and Zone Mortalis boards.

***a copy of the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game is required to use this supplement***

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