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Morathi is a creature of magic, manipulation and secrets, she holds many titles such as the High Oracle of Khaine, the Shadow Queen and grand matriarch of the Daughters of Khaine. Morathi is an ancient being, a peerless seeress in her mastery of dark magics. As well as being able to summon the horrors of the nightshade-realm, she has used her spells to morph into the comely form of a radiant she-aelf backed by outstretched wings wrought of shadow-metal. So great is her supernatural beauty that foes stand mesmerised before her rapturous allure. This though is a fatal mistake, for Morathi wields her spear Heartrender with cruel efficiency, and her bladed pinions are themselves razor-sharp weapons that can easily lop limbs and heads.

The Morathi multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble Morathi. She comes in the form of 2 different miniatures, both of which are included:

  • The High Oracle of Khaine, her aelven form: An icily beautiful figure, clad in ornate leather and metal armour. In a gloved hand she holds her magical spear, Heartrender, pointing it toward an unseen foe. Behind her large metal headdress, her long, hair cascades down her back and is laced with wicked barbs and blades. Her wings fan out from her back, dripping with blood from every point.
  • The Shadow Queen, her true, monstrous form: Another prospect entirely, she stands almost 3 times taller and her stance is far more aggressive. In this form, her serpentine aspect dominates, with the lower half of her body given over to a long, sinister snakelike form which coils and twists around a massive stone column. Her top half wears the same armour, with the same headdress and Heartrender but now her hair has been replaced by snakes, and the wings have become expansive and scaly, with huge chitinous points ready to impale the unwary. The base features an unfortunate aelf, turned to stone and broken in half by Morathi’s gaze.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with a Citadel 100mm Round base and a Citadel 40mm Round base.

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