Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia: Spell of Separation


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The Specter of the Evil Horder hangs above Eternia. Three factions enter the war, each of them pursuing different goals enshrined in their Paths of Destiny. A special time requires special solutions – each faction can train soldiers to become elites, merchants or sailors. In addition, the mighty Procrustus arises. Will he be your ally or your deadly enemy.


6x Miniatures

  • 1xHordak Miniature
  • 1x GrizzlorMiniature
  • 1x ScorpiaMiniature
  • 1x Shadow WeaverMiniature
  • 1x LeechMiniature
  • 1x CatraMiniature
  • 15x Horder Miniatures


  • 6x Horde Cards
  • 144x Cards
  • 1x Combat Grid
  • 1x Mission Book
  • 3x Path of Destiny Scenario Quick Guide
  • 5x Tokens
  • 10x Wilds Dice
  • 9x Rings for Elites
  • 9x RIngs for Merchants
  • 9x Rings for Sailors

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