Magmic Battleforge

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Formed instantaneously from molten metal, the Magmic Battleforge is the pure reflection of godly power, a manifestation of Grimnir’s fury fused with the white-hot fires of Vulcatrix. This furnace can be summoned to any battlefield, where its elemental heat can be used to ignite ur-gold runes and stoke the powers of the Zharrgrim.

The Magmic Battleforge is a piece of terrain available to every Fyreslayers army that increases the power of Fyreslayer Priests. Costing no matched play points, it is a fantastic addition to any Fyreslayer Army while allowing you to add some Fyreslayer flavour to any battlefield, as well as offering a number of in-game effects. Fyreslayer Priests will be able to harness the forge’s powers to assist in their prayers or use it to better defend nearby Fyreslayers units.

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