Lupercal’s War (SB)


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Lupercal’s War


Never has the Imperium known a weapon as deadly as the massed might of a Space Marine Legion. Together, these mighty warriors form an unbreakable spear at the forefront of the Great Crusade. Together, they quest to reclaim humanity’s birthright – its dominion over the stars. Each Legion is led by a legendary primarch, and the greatest among them is Horus Lupercal, Warmaster of the Imperium. Yet at the height of his power, this beloved son betrayed his oaths, taking half his brothers with him into damnation.

Condemned to an eternity of war, the galaxy burns as loyal Space Marine Legions and their traitorous kin tear apart everything they bled to build. This anthology collects over 20 existing stories from a variety of authors, featuring every one of the Space Marine Legions and ranging from the Unification Wars to the most brutal days of the Age of Darkness.


The Last Church by Graham McNeill
Savage Weapons by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Imperfect by Nick Kyme
The Iron Within by Rob Sanders
Black Oculus by John French
Brotherhood of the Moon by Chris Wraight
Bjorn: Lone Wolf by Chris Wraight
Bloodhowl by Chris Forrester
Champion of Oaths by John French
Child of Night by John French
Lost Sons by James Swallow
Immortal Duty by Nick Kyme
After Desh’ea by Matthew Farrer
The Laurel of Defiance Guy Haley
Daemonology by Chris Wraight
Rebirth by Chris Wraight
Little Horus by Dan Abnett
Child of Chaos by Chris Wraight
Artefacts by Nick Kyme
The Grey Raven by Gav Thorpe
Liar’s Due by James Swallow

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