Lord of Virulence


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Tubes and pipes erupt in profusion from the Lord of Virulence’s armour. These tubes and pipes gout noxious fumes and putrid eruptions whose hue and stench guide the fire of the Death Guard artillery engines. In their wake, their flensefrond cloaks leave a trail of sickening mucosal slime for hungry Daemon Engines to follow.

Lead a Death Guard army with the disgustingly awesome Lord of Virulence. Clad in mutilated Terminator armour and adorned with the signs of symbols of Grandfather Nurgle’s many blessings. He is armed with a twin plague spewer and plague claw, ready to spread these diseases across the galaxy.

This 20-piece plastic kit makes one Lord of Virulence. It is supplied with a 50mm Citadel round base.

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