Liekoron the Executioner


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In the living world Liekoron the Executioner was tasked with the ending of life, often by axe stroke or noose. As such he was a headsmen of the Mortal Realms who knowingly slay the innocent as well as the guilty which attracted the gaze of Nagash, and upon death he was remade into the spectral form. He bears a massive decapitating axe, with which he is charged to slay heroes, champions, kings and anyone who defies the law of Nagash, all the while harangued by the spirits of the innocent souls he cut down during life who ironically protect the Executioner from danger, not out of kindness, but due to their inability to escape.

The Lekoron the Executioner multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble Liekeron the Executioner, a Nighthaunt Lord-Executioner. Looming large over a ruined headstone, he is depicted as a sinister, hunched spirit, half corporeal and half ethereal, whose skull-like face is picked out beneath a cowl. He holds a well-used decapitating greataxe in his right hand, notched and worn; his left hand can be modelled clutching a grave-sand filled hourglass, or alternately pointing toward his next victim. Around him whirl 3 furious spirits, the shrieking ghosts of innocents wrongly murdered by the Executioner in life, bound to him forever.

Supplied unpaitned and requires assembly with a Citadel 32mm Round base.

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