Killzone: Sector Sanctoris

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The Killzone: Sector Sanctoris is an expansion for Kill Team, in the box, you’ll find a game board, scenery, and exclusive rules that use the unique nature of the Sector Sanctoris terrain to introduce dangerous new missions and powerful effects to your games. Included:

  • A double-sided Kill Team gameboard: measuring 22” x 30” printed on heavy, durable card stock. One side depicts a Sector Sanctoris environment, while the other represents an Imperial Sector
  • An 8-page booklet: detailing the monuments to the heroic legacy of the Imperium, how Kill Teams end up fighting in such holy places, and descriptions of some of the notable ruins of glory
  • 12 Sector Sanctoris Tactics cards: these can be used by any Kill Team Faction, with 9 cards providing interactions with the Sector Sanctoris scenery and 5 being used specifically by Comms, Demolitions and Zealot Specialists
  • A Sector Sanctoris Environment card: which provides 6 different rules that interact with the scenery
  • 4 Sector Sanctoris Mission cards: designed to be used in conjunction with the game board and scenery, this is a set of 2 matched play missions and 2 narrative play missions, which are split between attacker and defender
  • 2 frames of Sector Imperialis terrain: a set of Sector Imperialis fallen statues (a ruined barricade, sewer grate, toppled pillar, and debris of four statues) and a set of Sector Imperialis Statues (two complete statues, each with base plate)

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