High Elf Shadow Warriors


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The High Elf Shadow Warriors kit allows you to build either:

  • Shadow Warriors: To this day they continue the long battle against the Dark Elves either on the shores of Ulthuan or the lands beyond. Shadow Warriors are posed dynamically. They wear full-face helmets, gorget-styled collars, and they carry a myriad of items, including swords, bows and quivers. A large gemstone is set in the centre of their belts and they sport tall leather boots.
  • Sisters of Avelorn: Preferring to fight their battles at range, as their weapons fire mystical bolts of white-blue flame that set tainted flesh afire. Each of them possesses wind-swept hair, is clothed in chainmail. They wear head decorations that feature heart-shaped gemstones, which also occur elsewhere on the model, such as on the leather and metal scabbard.

The High Elf Shadow Warriors multi-part plastic kit contains 69 components with which to make either 10 models, from either the Shadow Warriors or Sisters of Avelorn.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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