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The Harlequin Troupe are the most numerous of the Harlequin warriors. A fast and hard hitting unit they rely on speed and skill in battle not only to win but to survive.

This boxed set allows you to build a 6-man Harlequin Troupe armed with swords and shuriken pistols, you also get the option to make a Troupe Master. Inside the box there is:

  • 6 sets of legs
  • 7 different torso fronts
  • 5 different torso backs
  • 3 extra backs sporting Harlequin jackets
  • 6 swords of two distinct designs
  • 6 shuriken pistols
  • 6 harlequin’s kisses
  • 2 harlequin’s embraces
  • 2 harlequin’s caresses
  • 2 neuro disruptors
  • 2 fusion pistols.
  • A power sword
  • 2 complete masked heads
  • 5 heads with space to add one of the 13 individually designed face masks
  • 6 weapons pouches.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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