Grombrindal’s 40th Birthday

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Grombrindal, the fabled White Dwarf himself and namesake of the Ultimate Warhammer Magazine, has come to battle in the Mortal Realms! Whispers have it that he is the living incarnation of Snorri Longbeard himself, and others say that he was betrothed to the goddess Valaya. No one truly knows the origins of this most ancient and venerable of the Duardin, but you now can get your hands on him. Whatever his identity, for 40 years we’ve known him as the figurehead, protector and overlord of White Dwarf magazine.

Now he’s ready to celebrate  as its Grombrindal’s 40th Birthday and you’re invited to the party with this resin miniature! Grombrindal is modeled wearing a Space Marine costume complete with runes on the shoulders and a beer barrel built into the backpack, he stands atop a scenic base packed with detail. As you expect there are a ton of presents, a toy bolt gun and a massive cake, from which The Black Gobbo is bursting with mischief on his mind.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with a 25mm round base.

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