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Squigs! They are little more than legs with teeth and a terrible attitude, vicious creatures that are feared across the Mortal Realms for their ravenous appetites As a result they are often employed by the Gloomspite Gitz on the front lines in the form of the Squig Herd.

A great choice in your army thanks to their offensive punch. If you like, you can even field an army of the little monsters in matched play, with Squig Herds being a Battleline option for armies with a Moonclan general.

The Squig Herd kit allows you to build a herd of 10 squigs, with highly customisable faces. You’ll also get a pair of Squig Herders to motivate your Squig Herds, with four possible variant models, of which you can build two. You’ll also get accessories for basing – including a snail squig…

Supplied unassembled and requires assembly with twelve 25mm round bases.

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