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When the Gloomspite Gitz take to the battlefield, their foes advance on their formations nervously, watchful for the spinning dervishes known as Fanatics. Fanatics are armed with a massive ball and chain.

Loonsmasha Fanatics are driven mad with potent fungus brews then unleashed upon the enemy in a whirling storm. Though they inevitably come to a messy end, Loonsmasha Fanatics cause bloody carnage first.

Spinning madly, Sporesplatta Fanatics swing thwackwheezer puffshrooms attached to heavy metal chains. The spore clouds they spread cover the grot hordes from sight, and invigorate allies even as they choke and blind the foe.

Fanatics are a deadly surprise-attack unit in the Gloomspite Gitz army. Before the game begins, you’ll be able to secretly hide them inside your other units, releasing them for brutal and unexpected attacks.

The Fanatics kit allows you to build 5 Loonsmasha Fanatics or 5 Sporesplatta Fanatics. This kit is packed with detail as well as a host of spares, including a skeletal squig, mushrooms and a bonus miniature of a grot being sick.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with five 32mm round bases and one 25mm round base.

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