Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Institute: Core Set

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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Institute: Core Set Box contains:

  • 4x Gen 1 Synths
  • 2x Gen 2 Synths
  • 1x Institute Scientist
  • 1x Institute Courser

**Please note, you will require the Institute card expansion pack to use the contents of this box**

The Institute is an enigma to most in the Wasteland – are they the synthetic future of humankind, or robotic bogeymen waiting to replace you when you sleep? Few ever find out the true nature of this shadowy organisation, and fewer still live to tell the tale.

What is known is that the Institute utilise the highest levels of technology to achieve their aims, and even have the power to emulate humans exactly. With stiletto sharp precision they infiltrate and eradicate high-value targets. With force of numbers they can overwhelm strongpoints with waves of Gen 1 synths. They are everywhere and nowhere, and paranoia follows in their wake.

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