Escher Ash Wastes Dice Set


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As the gangs of Necromunda venture into the barren ash wastes, they’ll need all the help they can get to face the horrors ahead. Show the elegant skill of House Escher with the Escher Ash Wastes Dice Set, containing all the different types of dice you’ll need for games of Necromunda – including D6s with the icon of House Escher on the 6 face, to ensure all eyes are on your every roll.

These six-sided, round-edged dice are cast in weathered, dust-touched purple plastic with gold-coloured pips and designs. They measure 16mm along each edge, and are packaged in a clear plastic crystal gem cube container.


  • 3x D6s with a House Escher icon on the 6 face
  • 3x Necromunda Injury Dice
  • 1x Necromunda Ammo Dice
  • 1x Necromunda Scatter Dice

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