Easterling Wariors

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Easterlings are amongst the most fanatical followers of the Dark Lord and the best equipped of all the warriors at his command. Unlike Orcs that spew forth from the Black Gate, the Easterling Wariors are disciplined and will fight fiercely for Sauron, who they view as a vengeful deity. As children they are schooled in the art of war, and their womenfolk fight alongside the men as equals. Trained to fight in deadly phalanxes, their spears form a hedge of sharpened blades that is virtually impenetrable

The Easterling Wariors plastic boxed set contains 54 components, with which to build 20 Easterling Warriors:

  • 8 with sword and shield
  • 8 with bow
  • 4 with spear and shield.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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