Dragons Modern Dice Set Red & Gold (7)

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Q Workshop pays respects to these most famous wyrms with the new Dragons Modern Dice Set Red & Gold (7), knowing that they will appreciate what they have made: the Modern D4, a new kind of polyhedron that is no less legible and presentable, but a lot more practical too – thanks to its rounded edges it actually rolls before clearly showing the result.

  • The majesty of dragons – Engravings depict the fan-favorite design of a flying dragon circling around digits written in a strong font.
  • Colors with character – The dice material is bright red, and the engravings’ color is golden.
  • Refreshed contents – Instead of the traditional “pyramid”, this set has a D4 of the Modern type, with rounded edges and clear engravings.
  • Make it roll – In the Modern version of the set, all dice can roll freely during the test, giving a more random result.

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