Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais


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Each of the Stormvaults was filled with statues and the iconography of Azyr, its halls consecrated by the greatest of the God-King’s priests. The hallowed Sigmarite Dais radiates that ancient power.

The Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais is the perfect addition to your battlefield. As well as helping theme battles to the worlds of the Mortal Realms, it is great for adding some tactical depth to battles, blocking line of sight and giving you some high ground to battle over! A free downloadable warscroll gives this terrain piece its own rules.

The Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais kit is designed to be modular and compatible with the rest of the Dominion of Sigmar range. You can build yours out the box with the instructions and use it in-game with the free downloadable warscroll.


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