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The kit can be assembled as either of the following:

  • Wazbom Blastajet: Is a uniquely Orky screaming skyborne destroyer. Absolutely bristling with weaponry, the jet can be armed with a twin-linked kustom mega-kannon or tellyport mega-blasta, underslung smasha gun, stikkbomb flinga or optional kustom force field and gitbusta turret.
  • Burna-Bommer: Armed with burna bombs and skorcha rokkits, it performs low altitude strafing runs. Setting the enemy ablaze and paying to the Orks fascination with fire.
  • Blitza-Bommer: Only suitable for the bravest Ork flyboy. Dive bombing the enemy and releasing their Boom Bomb and at the very last moment pulling back on the yoke! When there is no more bombs to drop they let lose with a pair of super shootas.
  • Dakkajet: Propelled by a single, massive jet engine, it roars over the battlefield. Its gunz firing a near constant hail of bullets into the enemy infantry and aircraft. Firmly  living by the motto quantity over quality, as some of those fired bullets are bound to hit the something.

This boxed set also contains a Grot Gunner and a myriad of weapon choices:

  • A big shoota
  • Boom bombs
  • Burna bombs
  • Skorcha rokkits
  • Supa shootas

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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