Cyberpunk RED RPG: Interface Red Volume 1

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In Cyberpunk RED RPG: Interface Red Volume 1 you’ll find a collection of short articles custom crafted to improve your Cyberpunk RED adventures. Volume 1 of INTERFACE RED adds the following to your Cyberpunk RED game.

  • Old Guns Never Die: a step-by-step conversion guide for bringing weapons from Cyberpunk 2020 into Cyberpunk RED.
  • Red Chrome Cargo: one of our most popular Screamsheet adventures.
  • The Single Shot Pack: ten pregenerated PCs (or NPCs if you need them) and six pregenerated NET architectures. All to help you start playing faster.
  • Cyberchairs: new options for mobility. Who needs two cyberlegs when you can ride around on a stylish mobile platform?
  • Elflines Online: not one but two articles detailing Night City’s most popular MMO, Elflines Online, along with some of the people who play it.
  • All About Drones: never before seen, All About Drones brings two new security drones, the Savannah Eagle and Panther to Night City. Plus, three new personal drones, none of which a NET Architecture to operate.

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