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Clanrats mass into huge clawpacks for battle, their vast numbers strengthening their courage and allowing them to surge across the battlefield o overwhelm the enemy, regardless of the casualties they suffer along the way.

Clanrats are the main front-line unit of a skaven army. They’re great for capturing objectives or overwhelming foes through sheer weight of numbers. In a skaven army, they get more powerful as their unit gets larger, allowing them to tackle even the toughest foes.

The Clanrats kit allows you to assemble a 20-strong unit of Clanrats. Customisable with 20 individual bodies and clanshields, and there are 20 rusty spears and 16 rusty blades to arm them with. You’ll also find all the components you need to build a Clawleader, Standard Bearer and Bell-ringer for the unit.

Supplied unpainted adn requires assembly with twenty 25mm round bases.

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