Chaos Space Marines: Vengeance Warband

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The Chaos Space Marines: Vengeance Warband set contains:

  • 1x Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour, a dark overlords with a variety of weapon options who can also be built as a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator armour
  • 10x Chaos Space Marines, foot soldiers of the Dark Gods armed with your choice of bolters or close combat weapons, with options for heavy and special weapons
  • 5x Terminators, elite of the Traitor Legions clad in heavy warplate and armed with a variety of deadly weapons
  • 5x Havocs, heavy weapon specialists armed with a dizzying array of ordnance
  • 1x Chaos Rhino, the ideal transport for your traitorous forces
  • 2x Chaos Space Marine transfer sheets, perfect for adding Legion-specific details to your models

This set is supplied with 10x 32mm round bases and 11x 40mm round bases.

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