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In the Chaos Knights Codex, you will discover how the Chaos Knights were once paragons of honour and nobility, but fell to the influences of the Dark Gods. In some cases, entire households have turned against the Imperium, though others fight as masterless, lone renegades known as Dreadblades.

The Chaos Knights Codex is a 72-page full colour hardback book, inside you will find:

  • Lore and art exploring the history and goals of the Chaos Knights: including the background, illustrated examples of colour schemes and heraldries for the following Chaos Knight Households – Lucaris, Herpetrax, Khymere, Vextrix, and Khomentis – as well as the infamous Dreadblades Sire of Doom, Decima, Incarnate Slaughter, The Gilded King, Hope’s Shroud, Aesyr, Empyrean Scythe, Hatred of Krastellan, and Litany of Destruction
  • A gallery of beautifully painted miniatures
  • 5 datasheets: providing rules for using Chaos Knights in your games of Warhammer 40,000
  • Questoris Traitoris Armaments: profiles for all weapons and wargear of the Chaos Knights
  • Household Ambitions: Household-specific special rules for either Iconoclast or Infernal Chaos Knight Households
  • 23 Stratagems
  • Dreadblade Pacts and Damnations: a choice of 6 Pacts and 6 Damnations which provide additional special rules for your Chaos Knights
  • Artefacts of Tyranny: 14 weapons and artefacts available only to Chaos Knights
  • Warlord Traits for the Chaos Knights
  • Points values for every unit, weapon and piece of wargear for use if you are playing a matched play game, or any game that uses a points limit
  • 6 Tactical Objectives unique to the Chaos Knights

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