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The Bullgryns kit can be assembled as either of the following:

  • Militarum Auxilla Bullgryns: Are a formidable sight within custom carapace armour made from tracks off Leman Russ Tanks. In battle they are armed with crude but effective assault weaponry that compliments their stature and resilience. This boxed set allows you to make 3 Bullgryns which can be armed with either grenadier gauntlets and slab shields or battle mauls and suppression shields. They can be assembled with bare head or with gas masks. You can even make one model if you choose into a Bone ‘ead.
  • Ogryns: Are a crude and exceptionally resilient breed of abhuman tolerated in the Imperium as they are born on high gravity worlds. What they Lack in intelligence, they more than make-up for with physicality shrugging off wounds that would kill an Imperial Guardsman. This boxed set allows you to build 3 Ogryn miniatures armed with ripper guns. They can be assembled with grizzled and scarred bare heads. You can even make one model if you choose into a Bone ‘ead.
  • Nork Deddog: An Ogryn bodyguard of legendary status within the Imperial Guard. It was noticed upon his recruitment into the Imperial guard that he displayed an uncommon level of intelligence for one of his race. Nork has saved the lives of over one hundred officers, earning medal after medal after medal. Nork is equipped with a custom Ripper Gun, large combat Blade and a Commissar skull modified into a Vox Caster. His ornate armour is the reward for his many achievements as the Imperial Guard’s finest bodyguard.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly


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