Brokk Grungsson Lord Magnate of Barak-Nar

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Brokk Grungsson Lord Magnate of Barak-Nar is the epitome of a self-made Kharadron Overlord privateer. He is relentless in the hunt for aether-gold. Known for his daring during explorations of the skybound wonders of Chamon. Brokk Grungsson famously known as the only Admiral that has successfully led a fleet around the fabled Horn of Chamon. Never one to rest upon previous achievements Brokk Grungsson strives on further, hungry for more success and recognition.

This multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble Brokk Grungsson, Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar. He is borne to battle aloft in an elaborate, custom dirigible suit, armed with a sizable cannon he calls Grungsson’s Boast, a multi-barrelled gun called the Magnate’s Charter and an aethermatic saw for close quarters combat. Armed with this he is fearsome enough, but he also features aetherblasters mounted in his moustache.

Brokk Grungsson’s suit is covered in all kinds of pipes, valves, cogs and latticework  that a Duardin of his rank can afford to protect him in war, he even has a custom filtration system and powered assistance for his limbs.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with a Citadel 50mm Round base, with a 35mm ball and socket flying stem.

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