Belisarius Cawl

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Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl was already considered old at the dawn of the Imperium, over ten thousand years ago. During those years the Tech-Priest has served as a Forge Lord, a Lexico Arcanus and a renowned Magos Biologis. On the battlefield Cawl is an unstoppable force, fearlessly scuttling into the thick of the fighting, assessing threats and broadcasting carefully planned orders to his troops. Enemy fire is thwarted by his force field; however even when parts of his almosr completely mechanised body are blown off, cables snake out in a whir of activity to effect immediate repairs, or swarm anything that dares comes close…

The Belisarius Cawl multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble Belisarius Cawl, Prime Conduit of the Omnissiah. He towers over his Adeptus Mechanicus brethren, standing much taller than even other favoured Tech-Priests of the Omnissiah, with countless augmentations distorting his barely-human frame. He carries an Omnissian axe, which acts as a convenient mounting point for an array of sensors and his voice broadcasting device, and an arc scourge – this arcane energy weapon is covered in cables, sensors and extra appendages. The very essence of augmentation is continued throughout – Cawl’s robes are barely covering a massive amount of robotic extensions, with several extra legs, prehensile arms and cables dragging along behind him. A scryerskull hovers above, and there are several symbols of the Machine God dotted about him.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with a Citadel 105mm x 70mm Oval base.

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