Battletome: Blades of Khorne


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The Battletome: Blades of Khorne is the complete guide to fielding a Khorne army. Inside, you will discover the blood-soaked history of Khorne’s legions through dark lore and stunning art. A gallery of miniatures and painting guides and.

Inside this full colour hardback you will find:

  • A miniatures showcase: showing a combination of colour schemes, single miniatures, units, and battle scenes on terrain, as well as an example army
  • Painting advice: including examples of banner designs, red armour, brass trim, different skin tones, horns, a variety of blades, bases, and more
  • Rules for fielding your Blades of Khorne army in games of Age of Sigmar: including allegiance abilities, summoning rules, bonuses for fielding named armies with their own abilities, command abilities, command traits and artefacts of power, plus much more
  • Rules for building a Khorne warband in Path to Glory
  • A massive 19 warscroll battalions: that reward you for fielding specific combinations of units
  • 34 warscrolls: covering the entirety of Khorne Bloodbound and Khorne Daemons for easy reference
  • 3 Judgement of Khorne warscrolls: for the Hexgorger Skulls, Bleeding Icon and Wrath-Axe
  • Pitched Battle Profiles for all units, Judgements of Khorne, and the Skull Altar featured in this battletome: including min/max unit sizes, points values and battlefield roles

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