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Nimble and responsive, Armiger Warglaives lope towards the enemies forces with purposeful strides. In one arm they wield a fearsome reaper chain-cleaver, its adamantium teeth whirring and actuator motors roaring. On the other they bear the menacing thermal spear, a bulky melta weapon that is essentially the stripped down equivalents of a Knight Errant’s thermal cannon. A single shot from such a weapon can vaporise even the most heavily protected foe, melt through the wall of a bunker or reduce a battle tank to a molten wreck. Their pilots are well-suited to the close quarters aggression of the Warglaive, and stride into battle alongside their masters filled with dogged determination to do their betters proud.

The Armiger Warglaives multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble 2 Armiger Warglaives. Smaller and more lightly armoured than their larger Imperial Knight cousins, standing at around half the height, they nevertheless share a lot of common details such as:

  • The basic shape of these bipedal weapon platforms
  • 2 weapon arms
  • Hydraulically-driven legs
  • Tilting plat
  • A large carapace surrounding the central head of the suit.

Another detail in common with those larger suits is their loadout; for their diminutive size they’re incredibly powerful. Each is armed with a reaper chain-cleaver, thermal spear and a carapace-mounted heavy stubber, the latter of which can be replaced with a meltagun. Inside the kit you will find:

  • 4 unique heads are supplied in the kit, and both weapons (which feature articulation at the shoulder)
  • Legs that can be attached to either side of the model, allowing for some customisation of pose.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with 2 Citadel 100mm Round bases, as well as an Armiger Transfer sheet.

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