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The Armiger Helverins are a fast-moving weapons platform that have been designed to lay down blistering hails of heavy fire while harrying the enemy’s forces. In place of the close-ranged armaments of the Warglaive, each Helverin bears a pair of Armiger autocannon. Capable of firing hundreds of armour-piercing shells per minute, even a single such weapon can whittle down infantry ranks or shred armoured vehicles in a matter of seconds. Armiger Helverins are versatile and highly destructive making them popular amongst both Imperial and Adeptus Mechanicus Noble houses, and relied upon to support their larger compatriots at war.

The Armiger Helverins multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble 2 Armiger Helverins. Smaller and more lightly armoured than their larger Imperial Knight brethren, standing at around half the height, they share a lot of common details, from the basic shape of these bipedal weapon platforms, the 2 weapon arms, hydraulically-driven legs, tilting plate and a large carapace surrounding the central head of the suit. Another detail in common with their bigger cousins is their loadout; for their small size comparitably they’re incredibly powerful, specialising in ranged combat. Each is armed with 2 Armiger autocannon and a carapace-mounted heavy stubber, the latter of which can be replaced with a meltagun. Inside the kit you will find:

  • 4 unique faceplates
  • both weapons (which feature articulation at the shoulder)
  • legs can be attached to either side of the model, allowing for some customisation of pose
  • An Armiger Transfer sheet

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with 2 Citadel 100mm Round bases.

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