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The Akhelian Allopex at first appear as spectral blurs in the ethersea, distant streamlined shapes that seem to appear from nowhere. With powerful thrusts of their finned tails, their form grows all too quickly as they launch their attack. Sleek, muscular and built for dealing death, Allopexes are legendary predators of the deep oceans. Attracted by the scent of blood, they feed upon anything they can fit into their large jaws. The mouth of an Allopex is lined with serrated triangular teeth, they are razor-edged saws which can bite man-sized holes into prey. With blades attached to their fins and riders manning harpoon launchers atop their backs, the Allopex is a living weapon of war.

The Akhelian Allopex multi-part plastic kit allows you to assemble an Akhelian Allopex. A large, fierce-looking bond-beast that has a shark-like silhouette, its fins are armed with sharp blades and its head and eyes covered with metal armour, to facilitate its control by its riders. Two Akhelian Guard are mounted upon the beast – the foremost clutches the reins in his left hand, with a barbed blade or optional barbed hook in his right ready to cut down any enemy who survives the attentions of the Allopex. Behind him stands a Guard manning the razorshell harpoon launcher atop a platform which can optionally be built as a retarius net launcher, both options are equally devastating and feature a cache of harpoons behind the weapon. The pilot wears a helmet with no crest allowing the harpoon launcher a clear shot, the gunner makes up for this by having a particularly large crest; both feature the heavy plate and bare arms that typify the Akhelian Guard. You have the option to model the Allopex with mouth closed or open, and a selection of accessories are in the kit:

  • fishing net
  • rope and grapple hook
  • fiasco bottles
  • normal bottles and bottle and case

That can be used to decorate the creature and base.

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly with a Citadel 90mm Oval base & flying stand.

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