Adeptus Titanicus Warhound Scout Titans

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The bestial appearance of Warhound Scout Titans reveal their purpose to the enemy, that it is a savage hunter in the vanguard of the Titan Legions. Despite its size the Warhound carries an astounding array of formidable weaponry, that is more than enough to bring down most foes it might face; when fielded as a maniple, combining their firepower in a devastating salvo, Warhounds can be trusted to change the face of a battle in seconds.

The Adeptus Titanicus Warhound Scout Titans multipart plastic kit allows you to assemble 2 Warhound Scout Titans for use in games of Adeptus Titanicus. Hunched forward, its carapace and head providing it with an exceptionally aggressive and purposeful profile. A Warhound Scout Titan is easily distinguished from its brethren by its uniquely canine head, which sits level with the weaponry attached to the hardpoints on either side. The rest of the Titan is relatively sparse designed to move quickly rather than stand in a single place and trade firepower. The kit includes:

  • 4 different heads
  • 4 different carapace designs (2 Loyalist, 2 Traitor)
  • shoulder assemblies with Traitor and Loyalist icons
  • 3 different sets of greaves – an Imperial eagle design, an Opus Titanica design and a plain set

A small amount of poseability is available, as the waist can be turned to provide the illusion of movement.

Either Titan can be armed with a pair of plasma blastguns, turbo laser destructors, vulcan mega-bolters or inferno guns – 2 sets of each are included, with associated pipework for attaching the weaponry to the Titan’s hardpoints.

This kit comes as 124 components, and is supplied with 2 Citadel 80mm Round bases along with a decal sheet – this features heraldry for the following Legions: Gryphonicus, Fureans, Astorum, Atarus, and Mortis.

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