Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis


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Across the war-torn worlds of the Imperium, Titans battle amongst ruined cities. Some of the most hotly contested battlefields are the Manufactorum Imperialis, their resources greatly desired to repair and refuel the mighty god-machines and their allies.

The Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis set of plastic terrain allows you to create industrial battlezones for your games of Adeptus Titanicus. It includes a wealth of Manufactorum Imperialis terrain that will give a tabletop an industrial feel and add new features for Titans to hide behind, cross and capture. Among the features of this terrain are Munitorum armoured containers, complete with interior detail, barrels, cranes, pipelines and much more.

This set includes 234 plastic components, which are designed to build 26 pieces of battlefield terrain for your games of Adeptus Titanicus. These pieces can be combined with other Adeptus Titanicus terrain kits to build massive, impressive battlefields.

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