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The Battle for the Sarcosa System. Beset on all sides after the Horus Heresy, with the Emperor enthroned on the Golden Throne, and the Imperium in ruins, Guilliman and the other surviving Primachs turn their attention not only to make the traitors pay but to secure their boarders as the Xenos and forces of Chaos chose this time to stake their claim to parts of the Galaxy. All the While the Legions begin their breakup in to Chapters as dictated in the Codex Astartes. Can the Loyal forces of the Imperium put aside their differences and petty bickering to save this system?

Welcome, to the beginning of our first summer long campaign and hopefully the first of many to come. As said above it is a battle for the future of the Sarcosa System, and will comprise of for the next few months of 1000 points skirmish battles.

They will go along way to determining, if your force gets stronger or doesn’t as the campaign progress, there are two Fractions at work the Imperium, and the Xenos/Heretics which will play one another. to determine who controls the outer planets before moving in to core worlds and more larger scale warfare.

Every battle fought will have an impact on the wider campaign from, extra points during the second phase, to warlord bonus’s and wounds. To find out a full rundown of the rules click here.

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