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Campaign Rules

The Battle for the Sarcosa System phase 1 campaign rules are as follows:

1. All armies for the first phase must be 1000 Points or under.
2. Any and all Formations used must be used as written in their respective Codex to receive buffs.
3. At the beginning of every game both players roll on the Elite Assets tables for Either a Monstrous Creature, Tank, Bike, Chariot or Flier.
4. No Units that specifically state in their codex that they are a Lord of War.
5. On turns 3 or 4 players decide to roll one D6 on either the Magma Storm or Seismic Explosion table.
6. You gain 50pts per win for the next phase of the campaign and none for a loss and 25pts for a draw
7. After every victory your Warlord will gain rewards that are rolled for on the warlord table which you can swap for your current bonus or keep the existing.
8. If you lose 3 games in a row in your fourth game you will be allowed an extra 100 points to spend.
9. After Each loss you can adjust your list by 300 Points excluding your Warlord.

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