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Backorders, How they work?

We  get asked a lot of questions as to how backorders work, so we thought we would explain:-

Games Workshop Backorders.

Games Workshop deliver to ourselves every Friday. What this means is, that every Tuesday we place orders for Warhammer 40k, Citadel, Age of Sigmar, and Horus Heresy items that are either on backorder, items to expand our range, or items that have been pre-ordered.

As soon as said items arrive in store we dispatch them the same day.

Malifaux Backorders.

Malifaux items have a 3 day turnaround on backorder, this means that as soon as backorder items are ordered by yourselves, they are ordered from our supplier. Three days later when they arrive in store they are dispatched. Unfortunatly, we do not get real time stock levels from our suppliers therefore this can be a little difficult to predict delivery times.

Magic the Gathering Backorders.

Magic the Gathering boxes and boosters backorders are treated the same as Malifaux backorders. Backordered items take three days to arrive in store and as soon as they arrive they are dispatched.



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